Clear cut logging and other options essay

Additional forest management issues are being addressed through applied science research and development projects. In addition, the branches become over-crowded and weak if a tree has overgrown.

A major effect of deforestation on the environment that is often overlooked is the increase in greenhouse gas emissions due to the cutting of trees.

Types[ edit ] Many variations of clearcutting exist; the most common professional practices are: Depleting the resources we have at a higher rate than they can be replenished is going to cause negative future effects for humans because they will have to find alternatives to lumber and wood sources because the forests are being cut down at such a high rate.

Unlike us, trees are not provided their resources from others; instead they have to produce by photosynthesis. How detrimental ClearCut Logging and other options Have you ever awakened on a beautiful sunny morning in the Southwest planning on going for a hike in the Cascade Mountains, but when you arrive at your destination there are only stumps.

This is the result of clear-cut logging. Clearcuts are used to help regenerate species that cannot compete in mature forests. This is destroying the environment and the Lacey Act is helping to eliminate the illegal deforestation that is occurring worldwide because the potential effects of deforestation are finally being regarded as detrimental and scientists are beginning to notice environmental changes due to deforestation.

Socio-economic analysis conducted under the Silvicultural Systems Program will study the impacts of various silvicultural systems on employment levels and government revenues. You get better faster height growth from an opening, and since they are all growing, they shade each others trunk producing limb free stems.

There are many advantages of logging and one should not hesitate to perform it as they are not only beneficial to the people employed in the logging industry but also to the people performing private forestry and the forest resource itself to a great extent.

Types[ edit ] Many variations of clearcutting exist; the most common professional practices are: Biodiversity - Species diversity, animal habitat requirements, genetic diversity, forest fragmentation, site disturbance, and the sustainibility of forest resources.

For additional information on alternatives to clearcutting in British Columbia, contact: When the roads required by the clearcutting were factored in, the increase in slide activity appeared to be about 5 times greater compared to nearby forested areas.

Also clearcutting can contribute to problems for ecosystems that depend on forests, like the streams and rivers which run through them. While deer may not be at risk in cities and rural countryside, where they can be seen running through neighbourhoods and feeding on farms, in higher altitude areas they require forest shelter.

Additional Information The ministry recognizes the need to effectively communicate the information generated by the Silvicultural Systems Program to a wide audience.

Huge areas of forest have already been lost. Another thing that loggers do for the environment is clean up damages from bugs like the Emerald Ash Borer. Water - The effects of different silvicultural systems on the quality, quantity and timing of stream flow.

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Greenhouse gases in our atmosphere include carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, and fluorinated gases. Social Considerations More than 90 per cent of the forest land in British Columbia is publicly owned.


Gene conservation - Guidelines to ensure that gene pools are maintained and that physically superior trees are reserved in partial cutting systems. This lack of food and water can be detrimental to species survival.

By simply decreasing the rate at which deforestation is occurring, the rate of greenhouse gas emissions could be greatly reduced and lead to a healthier and safer environment for all species on planet Earth.

This method still has problems intrinsic with any kind of deforestation and selective logging also introduces new environmental problems. Tree harvesters need to build roads into the forests to remove the timber (Vandermeer and Perfecto, ).

Selective logging the practice of removing one or two trees and leaving the rest intact is often considered a sustainable alternative to clear-cutting, in which a large swath of forest is cut down. Forests are an important part of our state’s environment and economy.

When they are well managed, forests provide clean air and water, homes for wildlife, beautiful scenery, places for recreation and more than 5, products we all use every day.

Clear Cut Logging and Other Options Have you ever awakened on a beautiful sunny morning in the Southwest planning on going for a hike in the Cascade Mountains, but when you arrive at.

Logging is an on-site process which involves the cutting, skidding, and loading of trees or logs onto trucks. A skidder or bulldozer is often used in the logging operations which pulls the trees that have already been cut and then transport them from the cutting forest to a landing.

Clear-cutting is when every single marketable tree is cut down from a selected area. Forestry companies prefer clear-cutting because it is the cheapest and most efficient way of harvesting timber.

It is much easier to move logs and equipment from a bare area than from among standing trees.

Clear cut logging and other options essay
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