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But is it really "dangerous" to give a pitcher a two-week break in the middle of a long season. Doesn't matter if he breaks down in or or Geier continually stressed that overuse and poor mechanics are the main factors in UCL injuries. Or reporters asking questions about it. And an ESPN study last week also showed that he was tied for the major league lead in most "stressful innings" i.

And then it was time to prepare for or so innings in I've never found any other study with a times factor. And the rate for pitchers 25 and under is even higher. In baseball, we've done that repeatedly. We ask you this: But one technique he has employed for years to accomplish that is one the Nationals have said they won't even consider: This isn't a decision the Nationals made after clicking on a couple of articles on WebMD.

LOVERRO: Stephen Strasburg's deal further validates Mike Rizzo's shutdown plan

This coach is all for innings limits, all for pitch counts, all for watching all pitchers carefully to keep them all as healthy as possible. Glenn Fleisig, who works with Andrews at the American Sports Medicine Institute and is widely described as America's most prominent expert on biomechanics.

But that won't mean this won't be an excruciatingly tough sell for Rizzo once Shutdown Day arrives. But there has never been a similar study, anywhere in the sports-medicine sector of the planet, that has looked at professional pitchers in their early 20s who had Tommy John surgery and tracked their future innings and health.

This is why pitchers pitch. So we're going to let him pitch on a regular routine, get him to an innings limit that he's comfortable throwing and then shut him down, and ramp him back up in spring training to take us to the next level.

And we give them credit.

Call it the never-ending debate

Andrews does an exam and an MRI, and he says, 'Nothing's completely torn. Ask Ben Sheetswho spent eight seasons as a Brewer, waiting for his chance to reach October -- only to have a September elbow issue keep him out of the postseason.

Has anything like this ever happened.

Nationals shut down Stephen Strasburg, effective immediately

The Nationals have waited all their existence for a season like this. And everybody has to get behind it. After [Friday's] start, we just figured that mentally and physically Stephen looked like he was fatigued.

As it was, it unfolded with Washington winning the National League East and facing postseason play without Strasburg.

Stephen Strasburg shutdown: The medical perspective

So our mission, with the story you're about to read, is not to spread more hysteria. This is why players play. Or that Strasburg had pitched a total of professional innings to that point — 55 in the minors and 92 in the majors.

And when it does, you know what the Washington Nationals are going to learn. He's followed the protocol, will continue to follow the protocol, and go forward. Lewis Yocum, and other sports-medicine experts. Nats should've been more creative There's a reason for that, and it's because there aren't a litany of cases where a big-league pitcher has retorn his UCL the season after having it repaired.

The first thing you need to know about Stephen Strasburg's Shutdown Day is that it's going to happen. No matter how loudly you scream, no matter how eloquently you argue, no matter how many. Stephen Strasburg's season was put down Saturday morning after 1/3 innings, 15 wins and a borderline insulting explanation.

Following months of lessons in biomechanics, orthopedics, anatomy. Stephen Strasburg shutdown: The medical perspective So the Nationals have shut down ace Stephen Strasburg for the season.

This ends weeks -- actually months -- of speculation, reports and.

Nationals shut down Stephen Strasburg, effective immediately

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy Here’s my new game: automatically disagreeing with everyone who voices an opinion on the Strasburg Shutdown.

News and Analysis Paper 1 Socio Devon Jones SUMMARY The Washington Post news article, “Stephen Strasburg Shutdown” discussed the Washington nationals decision that manager mike Rizzo made prior to the season start to shut down the former number 1 pick, there ace Stephen Strasburg after he reached the innings pitch mark no matter.

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News and analysis stephen strasburg shutdown
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Stephen Strasburg's latest DL stint kicks up memories of his shutdown - Washington Times