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My key point, though, would be that there needs to be clear signaling of whether you are introducing multiplicity within the franchise, as well as consistency within any given "alternative" version of the central storyline.

More films have been made in French, Japanese, Italian and Spanish. Multiplicity The media industry often talks about continuity in terms of canons - that is, information which has been authorized, accepted as part of the definitive version of a particular story.

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Continuity is a familiar storytelling technique, and in the transmedia realm, though a story may unfold in separate lines and across diverse media, it still should maintain the coherence and plausibility of the story as a payoff to fans. The story changes shape as much through our understanding that we are reading a singular viewpoint on events as it does because of the events or setting themselves.

Revenge of the Oragami Unicorn: The bolded phrase is important, because it defines the difference with Crossmedia, which is always the same single contribution to a story presented in multiple channels.

We might think of such programs as drillable rather than spreadable. If many stories are going to become transmedia, then we need to talk with our students about what it means to read a transmedia story and as importantly what it means to conceive and write a transmedia story.

The seven principles of Transmedia Storytelling

Through all these permutations the story stays largely the same, with only a few grand departures from the story of a rich effete Californian who battles tyranny behind a mask in early s colonial California. And tied to this is the idea of adaptation and improvisation, since in the entertainment world, different fans show their different understandings and interest in the entertainment content through very different kinds of performances.

Are interesting to me. As an example one might look at the vast Star Trek universe in which different fictional ships, crews and stations explore the same galaxy from different perspectives, in different time periods and facing different issues. This is at the heart of any process-driven approach to learning.

But spreadability can also be engineered, as industrial rock band Nine Inch Nails proved. Producing transmedia in journalism requires partnerships and collaboration. Game literacy is the literacy of problem solving, and the gaming elements in transmedia storytelling require the use of logical and strategic thinking.

What constitutes the equivalent of the cliffhanger in the classroom. However, newspapers in the U. Though it has its weaknesses, Snowfall was so groundbreaking at launch that its name is now a verb. I mean the idea of moving through a virtual environment which replicates key aspects of a historical or geographical environment.

Twitter has become a platform for fictional characters to express personal viewpoints on events that transpire in their respective fictional worlds, as Jenkins points outDecember Through Immersion the fan enters into the world of the story, if even briefly, suspending disbelief and forgetting their real-world circumstances.

So, for example, the use of the web to extend or annotate television content is transmedia, while the iPad is fostering a return to interest in multimedia. In a sense, every time we have show and tell, everytime a student brings an element from their home culture into the classroom, every time a teacher brings back a mask or a tool from their visit to another country and displays it as part of their geography lesson.

While we are making distinctions, we need to distinguish between adaptation, which reproduces the original narrative with minimum changes into a new medium and is essentially redundant to the original work, and extension, which expands our understanding of the original by introducing new elements into the fiction.

Their qualities are not mutually exclusive in transmedia productions and are simply a part of the array of options that may or may not be sought in the same project. Character Betty Draper, who as of April 1,still had 13, followers despite not tweeting since August of the previous year, hinted at events that take place on the central TV show: Students have to decide whether what they find belongs to the same story and world as other elements.

Spreadability vs Drillability — Dimension Spreadability refers to the simplicity of fans spreading content trough different kinds of media. Worldbuilding provides a rich enough tapestry on which the main story can unfold, allowing alternate stories based on different characters and circumstances.

Cameron hoped to pull viewers through the proscenium, past the artificial visual plane of the screen and into his world. Continuity is a familiar storytelling technique, and in the transmedia realm, though a story may unfold in separate lines and across diverse media, it still should maintain the coherence and plausibility of the story as a payoff to fans.

In journalism we want to deepen engagement with the issue at hand. The distribution may include text, pictures and video, but they are all telling the same story in the same way. The hour cake hunt involved only a few dozen people on the ground, but some 1. Multimedia This is an old term, dating back to before Macintosh computers that smiled at you when you turned them on.

The Luke Skywalker entry alone runs 31, words. This may take the form of cryptic clues that appear briefly in a medium that inspire investigation or decoding by fans or open plot holes that inspire fan fiction. How are they able to adapt it in a timely and meaningful fashion from knowledge to skill.

And then have those recognize where you started, where you went and have it alter itself to allow you to finish that story with a beginning, middle and end. The valuable product a media company has is no longer just its property and staff to generate content.

His definitions continue in the posts, distinguishing between what is and what is not a transmedia extension of the narrative: For example, newspapers and television stations have partnered on stories for decades.

The sound, images, narrative, movie and gaming elements all play a unique role in unraveling the story. transmedia-storytellingmyths-andprinciples by The Alchemists Transmedia Storytelling via Slideshare. Jenkins in his seven principles blog post cites the case of Susan Boyle, the operatic singer who drew an enormous number of fans for the contrast Still according to Henry Jenkins, here are the 7 principles of Transmedia Storytelling: [ ] Reply.

Transmedia Storytelling – Tim Osteen – ENGL Blog • Photo Essay University of. The Revenge of the Origami Unicorn: Seven Principles of Transmedia Storytelling.

By Henry Jenkins. If you have yet to check out the videos from the Futures of Entertainment 4 conference, we hope that you'll take at least an hour of the upcoming holiday to sit down and listen to Henry Jenkin's keynote on transmedia storytelling.

Principles of Transmedia

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Essay Due 7/10/ Transmedia and Its 7 Principles {Jenkins}. Transmedia and Its 7 Principles Story telling advertising is the relationship among relevant stories told to meticulous brands or campaigns in advertising. Since story telling have been a resemblance feature to humans since the stone ages “Stone Carving “, it is now used in advertising to deliver a coinciding parallel that would engage and.

Transmedia Education: the 7 Principles Revisited. Transmedia Education: the 7 Principles Revisited. Visit. Discover ideas about Media Psychology Gms essay prompts for sat We've compiled every single SAT essay prompt for the new SAT in this comprehensive list and .

Transmedia and its 7 principles essay
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