Wildlife biodiversity and indian wild ass

There are presently 75 national parks, wildlife sanctuaries and 35 zoological gardens in the country, covering nearly 4.

Indian wild ass

A single species might show high diversity at the genetic level [E. India is very rich in bird life also.

Wildlife of India

West part of India is full with several natural and fascinating places. It is the strategic importance of India on the Indian Ocean that has resulted in naming the ocean after A stable community should not show too much variation in productivity from year to year; it must be either resistant or resilient to occasional disturbances natural or man-madeand it must also be resistant to invasions by alien species.

Without them more than half the appeal of human life would be destroyed. They help us in gaining cherished foreign exchange.

Water holes were increased in the area, the forest department has also started a project for having fodder plots though the forest department is yet to get desired success. Inthe wild ass population was estimated at 2, by the year it has increased to an estimated 3, If there were no birds, life would be without much sweet music, colour, diversion, solace and beauty.

These bird life in quiet areas and live The flora depends on the zoology for its fertilisation. Hence top predators are given much consideration in conservation.

Mating season is in rainy season. Natural monsoon evergreen and semi-evergreen forests; rhododendrons, dwarf hill bamboo and birch forests mixed with alpine pastures.

Indian tiger, African elephant, giant panda of China, mountain gorilla of Central Africa, orangutan of Southeast Asia and the leatherback sea turtle. There are many things in life which are indispensable but we are rarely witting of their importance.

Conservation efforts since have helped boost the animal's population to The number of fungi recorded in India exceeds 27, species, the largest biotic community after insects.

Biodiversity and Indian Wild Ass Essay introduction. Fauna-There are wild elephants, gaur and other larger animals. The lessening in their Numberss is bound to act upon the ecology and quality of our life adversely.

There are about species of mammals and 1. They are at that place to enrich and do our life more gratifying and meaningful. The Indian desert gerbils are mouse like, rodents, other animals are, Asiatic wild ass, black buck, desert cat, caracal, red fox; reptiles (snackes, lizards and tortoise) well represented.

Desert lizards include agamids, and geckos. Indian American bison. the blue-bull or nilgai. four-horned antelope. black vaulting horse.

Indian wild buttocks. the celebrated one-horned rhinoceros and many assortments of cervid. Under the large game class come the Indian king of beasts. the tiger. the jaguar. leopard and assorted species of smaller cats. In a pan-India online survey, people reported domestic dogs attacking 80 species of Indian wildlife, of which 31 are listed under a threatened category on the IUCN Red List.

The Indian wild ass (Equus hemionus khur) also called the Ghudkhur, Khur or Indian onager in the local Gujarati language, is a subspecies of the onager native to Southern Asia.

As ofit is listed as Endangered by IUCN.

Little Rann of Kutch

The Indian desert gerbils are mouse like, rodents, other animals are, wild ass, black buck, desert cat, caracal, red fox; reptiles (snakes, lizards and tortoise) wel represented.

Desert lizards include agamids, lacertids and geckos. Wildlife Legislations, including - "The Indian Wildlife (Protection) Act" from the Official website of: Government of India, Ministry of Environment & Forests Eight lions, 15 tigers, and a whole lot of elephants — an Indian wildlife safari.

Wildlife biodiversity and indian wild ass
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